Miami, Florida, USA.

Miami, Florida.

We only spent a few nights in Miami which was probably for the best as it was really expensive!

We stayed at Hotel Chelsea near South Beach – nice art deco hotel in a great location. It was outside of peak season so apparently it was three times more expensively usually.

We walked around Ocean Drive on the first day and got some photos of the art deco architecture.


That night, we went to the hotel bar happy hour where guests got free mixers. The Israeli bar man kindly got us wasted, I’m talking a drink every 2 mins, shots and powerful DIY cocktails. We couldn’t afford a big night out but ended u in some alternative bar where we played pool.


The next day we hit the beach! We stayed for a few hours then fled as the heavens opened up.

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It was so hot and humid in Miami and the sun soon popped out again. Our hotel didn’t have a pool but we were able to use the rooftop pool at the sister hotel a few (well, about 12) blocks away. If you spent $30 (two cocktails) you could have a pimp sunbed that was basically a double bed.


We made the most of that before it started pissing it down and then headed back to the hotel. That night, we found a cheap Mexican place to eat that was decent and had an early night ahead of our el cheapo flight to Bogota the next day!

– Andy.




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