Zipaquirá, Colombia.

After four nights in Bogotá we headed an hour north to a smallish city called Zipaquirá for the night. We stayed in a shabby chic hostel called Enjoy Zipaquirá Hostel and ended up eating burgers at the restaurant ran by the young couple that also owned the hostel. Food and shelter were okay and decent value.

Zipaquirá is famous (and only on backpackers’ itineraries) because of its incredible salt cathedral built underground, originally as a place of worship for the miners, before expanding into a place of pilgrimage for Christians, tourist attraction/summat to do for non-believers.

It must be a great place to live because all the money from the tours of the salt mine gets put back into the city, to builds schools, hospitals and Nando’s restaurants.

The tour was really interesting and well worth a visit, it’s popularity has soared over the past five years, with the number of visitors on a Sunday often exceeding 3000.

From Zipaquira, we took a few buses to the colonial town of Villa De Leyva or as the locals call it “beesha dey leyba”.




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