La Paz, Bolivia.

La Paz, Bolivia.


La Paz has a reputation of being gritty and dangerous. We found it to be fine, though it wasn’t one of our favourite cities.

We spent the first three nights just relaxing in a nice room at a hostel in the affluent southern district of Sopacachi at Casa Skyways B&B. Ran by a Pakistani bloke, who cooked us tasty chapattis and a curried chickpeas dish, the hostel was the perfect place to recharge our batteries and relax: though the walls were rather thin so we got woken up by people having breakfast next door each morning.

We took a cable car ride up to the hills above La Paz and went to the city centre to explore.


We also visited the park and view point in Sopacachi.

After 3 nights in Sopacachi, we moved to York B&B in the centre of La Paz on Calle Sagarnaga. It was located dead in the centre of town and was a good price so was perfect for us. We met up with our mate Mike and went to an English pub called Red Lion’s (why the apostrophe?) to watch the United game. After a few pints we headed to Urban Rush Bolivia to rappel face-first down the sound of a building!

The building was Hotel Presidente in the centre of town, so everyone around could see you shitting your pants. The first time was a little scary but the second time was just fun. We bounced down the side of the building until we were six stories from the ground, and from there we did a free fall to the bottom.


Oh, and I was dressed as Duff Man from the Simpsons (Los Simpson here), Ash was dressed as Spider-Man and Mike a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!


We went out that night, buzzing off of the adrenaline.

Whilst staying at York B&B we visited the mercado central where we had a big fruit salad that came with cream and ice cream for £1!


Another highlight of our time in La Paz was a visit to the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) as apparently named by Neil Armstrong due to it’s likeness to the moon’s surface.


It was a 45min bus ride so there is no need to pay for a tour from town! It was an interesting way to kill an hour, wandering around the unique rock formations.

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We did the walking tour in La Paz but having been in the city almost a week already, we learnt little. We’d already visited the Witches Market, where locals go for love potions and llama foetuses, which apparently make for the perfect sacrificial offering to Pacha Mama, or mother earth.

Government building in La Paz.

After doing the Death Road bike ride (see next post) we returned to La Paz where we spent a night at party hostel Wild Rover and destroyed a burger and milk shake.

Dinner at Mozzarella in La Paz

The next day, we headed to Cochabamba in the central region of Bolivia.



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