The Yungas (Coroico, Yolosa, Yolosita), Bolivia.

The Yungas (Coroico, Yolosa, Yolosita), Bolivia.

After finishing the bike ride on the “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, the tour ended at Villa Verde, a resort hostel in the village of Yolosita near Coroico, in the Yungas region of Bolivia.

It was nice to be at lower altitude, with nice weather, at a resort with a pool and so we negotiated a cheap price and decided to spend two nights at the resort.

It was a massive resort and though the rooms were a bit crummy, the grounds were amazing – two massive pools and lots of areas to explore. It was a huge resort with over 80 rooms, so although we were the only guests at that time, it must be very popular in high season, probably with people from La Paz on long weekends.

After a few days there we headed to Coroico. We found a cheap but very basic hostel to stay at, located right on the main square. It was shabby and the toilets were disgusting, but cheap and the room itself was fine. They had a parakeet twith a gammy foot that they fed chili peppers. Poor thing.

Women’s Rights protest in Coroico plaza.

In Coroico there isn’t much to do at all except walks to waterfalls and such. It pissed it down for the two days we were there though, so we did pretty much nothing!

From Coroico, we headed off to Sende Verde animal reserve between the villages of Yolosita and Yolosa. Sende Verde was founded by a Bolivian coupe whose original plan was for an eco-tourism destination, rather than an animal reserve.

They re-homed a few monkeys and before they knew it they became an animal reserve with hundreds of animals including monkeys, parrots, tortoises, a puma, caiman, bears and other mammals.

They take on volunteers for weeks or months but we were staying there just for the night in a little hut.

Sende Verde is in the middle of lush forest and alongside the river Yolosa, which we had a little dip in.

Ashleigh loved the racoon-like Coati:

It was great to see a Capybara, native to South America and the world’s biggest rodent – like a giant guinea pig!

We had a tour of the grounds with two English girls that were volunteering and we got to see lots of the amazing animals that they have saved from neglect and illegal trading.

The young monkeys had to be lovingly raised by the owners – a full time job in itself!

After a night at the reserve, it was back to La Paz for a night at Wild Rover party hostel, before a bus ride to Cochabamba.





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