Salta, Argentina.

Salta, Argentina.

Salta was our first destination in Argentina, following a quick stop over in San Pedro de Atacama and an easy border crossing (the first of many!) between Chile and Argentina.
We spent four nights there in total, our first two nights in Coloria hostel, located in a trendy neighbourhood close to the main plaza that is surrounded by lots of nice shops and cafes, and our remaining night at Ferienhaus, a giant hostel in a great location just two blocks from the main plaza in the centre of town. Coloria was probably the nicer of the two but Ferienhaus was better value.
The best thing we did in Salta was definitely the amazing steak we ate at El Viejo Jacks. Andy had originally found this restaurant had been highly recommended online so we’d been planning to go for months before we’d even started our trip and it didn’t disappoint!
We both ordered the rump and it was the biggest, juiciest steak I think I’ve ever had!  The steak worked out at around £6.50 each which was insane as they were both so big and with sides, a decent bottle of wine and starters the whole meal came to under £30 for both of us. I wish we could have gone there again before we left Salta as it was so good.
We also did the free city walking tour one day that took us on a guided tour around the central area of the city and past some historical buildings, monuments and pretty churches.
Another interesting and slightly creepy place we visited was the Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montaña (MAAM) located on the main plaza which documents and also showcases the amazing discovery of three 500 year old mummified children found at an altitude of 6700m on the Lluallailaco volcano. The mummies were ‘sacrifices’ from indigenous tribes that were discovered in 1999 and excavated.  The high altitude combined with the extreme cold meant that the bodies and the collection of sacred textiles and objects found alongside them were almost perfectly preserved naturally.
We spent about 10mins staring at the mummy as the centrepiece of the exhibit (the museum only ever has one of the three on display at any time) in a special glass casket it was placed in and I half expected it to open its eyes to stare at me! Fortunately it didn’t but it was still quite weird and a little disturbing to look at.
Next stop after Salta was Mendoza but we had a 27 hour bus ride to look forward to, to get there!

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