Cali, Colombia.

Cali, Colombia. Santiago de Cali, known to all as simply ‘Cali’, is the major city in the southwest of Colombia, famous as the capital of salsa dance but also having a reputation as a bit of a rough area. Most backpackers that stop at Cali only do so for a day or two en route … More Cali, Colombia.

Popayán, Colombia.

Popayán, Colombia. Known as ‘The White City’ due to the colour of the stone used in the construction of the buildings in the historic centre, Popayán, for us, was all about extra Spanish lessons and an epic downhill bike ride! We stayed at Hostel Caracol  which is well placed in the historic district and is also … More Popayán, Colombia.

Guatapé, Colombia.

Guatapé, Colombia. Only 2 hours drive north of Medellin, Guatape is a small colourful town famous for the huge rock Piedra del Penol which towers above the thousands of islands and waters surrounding the town Guatapé and neighbouring El Peñol. It’s a beautiful, chilled place and was one of my favourite places that we visited in … More Guatapé, Colombia.

Medellín, Colombia.

Medellin, Colombia – Ashleigh’s first post! We arrived in Medellin at around 10 at night after a really quick flight from Bucaramanga. I think it was 40mins in total which meant the flight was much quicker than both the bus journey preceding the flight and getting from the airport into town! The flights, booked in … More Medellín, Colombia.

Zipaquirá, Colombia.

After four nights in Bogotá we headed an hour north to a smallish city called Zipaquirá for the night. We stayed in a shabby chic hostel called Enjoy Zipaquirá Hostel and ended up eating burgers at the restaurant ran by the young couple that also owned the hostel. Food and shelter were okay and decent … More Zipaquirá, Colombia.

Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogotá, Colombia. We flew from Miami to the Colombian capital Bogotá with budget airline Viva Colombia. We had to have proof that we would be leaving Colombia so we had a bit of a faff at Miami airport and ended up paying $10 to hold seats on a flight back from Bogotá to Miami. We … More Bogotá, Colombia.